New to Church? This page is meant to help you visit before you visit


Generally people think of church as the building we meet in. However, the church is really the people in the building (or wherever they happen to be meeting). Church means assembly and that is why church folks often stress gathering or assembling together—it's literally who we are. We assemble to worship God and encourage one another.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings we do four main things together. The first three things we do during our time of worship and the forth afterwards:

1. Sing songs to praise God

2. Pray together (don't worry, the person leading says the words)

3. Listen to a message from the Bible

4. Chat over coffee, tea, juice & snacks

Do I Need to Dress Up?

That's up to you. Some people dress up because worshiping together is a special occasion, but most people in our church don't because there is no instruction in the Bible that we should.


We have nursey for children 2 and under on Sunday mornings. Please don't bring sick children into the nursery.

Sunday School

We have Sunday school is for ages 3 to grade 4 from September to June. Children are dismissed part way through our worship service. 


On a table near the entrance into the sanctuary we have pencils and clipboards for kids. We understand it can hard to sit quietly in church.

What If I Am Not Sure about Christianity?

That's why we're here. We want people to understand the message of Jesus from the Bible. All questions are good questions. Come and explore at your own pace.

Visit Before You Visit

Maybe the info here isn't enough. Phone before you come and Pastor Ryan would be happy to answer any questions. You can also watch any of our worship services on Youtube and also check out our Beliefs page. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Safe Church

In a world in which sin and evil do exist—even in the church—we have safe church policy which we follow to keep our community and any guests safe. You can view and download it from our Safe Church page.