The Bible

We believe that the Bible is God's Word for salvation and for daily living. We also believe that everyone should have access to the Bible.  

The Bible is an ancient book with eternal truths. Below are some links to some really great translations of the Bible. These links open up to John chapter 1 verse 1 because John is a great book to introduce people to Jesus. John was one of Jesus' first followers and one of his closest friends when he walked the earth. 

The first three translation listed are relatively modern translations produced by Christians from many Christian traditions to produce unbiased translation. The last one has faithfully served the English speaking world for over 400 years.

The New Living Translation

The New International Version

English Standard Version

The King James Version (also known as the Authorized Version)

Here are some free Bible apps. Some of the these apps also play audio so that you can listen to the Bible.

There are also many Canadian Indigenous translations of the Bible or books of the Bible that you can find at